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I am Natalia Maddison, chief cook of Cotswold Cooks. Cotswold Cooks started in the kitchens of Purton House in the late 1980's. Having cooked for the large family and farm workers we opened up Purton House for small corporate events and weddings.

Our catering company goes hand in hand with the family farm, We have a constant supply of fresh produce, and only when the numbers are too high or items unavailable do I go to other suppliers.

Coming from an organic farm I use a large network of local food producers that I know personally. The butchers that I use know the farms from which the meat comes from, farms that use traditional methods where the animal has plenty of space and a good natural habitat in which to roam. I get fantastic sourdough bread from Sourdough Revolution, a real artisan baker. Our organic butter comes from the Berkeley farm Guernsey cows. I often use the local farmers' markets and Cirencester market every Friday for cheese. Fairtrade tea and coffee come from my eldest sister's company , and hand-made chocolates are made by another sister, Ibby

My inspiration comes from the simplicity of fresh, seasonal, rustic food cooked using techniques from around the world especially the Mediterranean.

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